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A professional artist and father of three, Martin Pryce began his study of art as a teenager.  Martin’s love of art, most passionately painting, led him to continue his passion throughout his entire life.  He has been displayed in many professional galleries, and has won various awards in competitions and exhibitions.  Martin also taught in his highly successful art school for 2 decades.

Martin has evolved over the years from his traditional watercolours, to more modern oil and acrylic works, and now to his more esoteric mixed medium artworks, such as his Flirting with Fantasy collection.  Martin likes to change subjects and mediums, but maintains his masterful technique in whatever piece he works on.


       JOHN S. PRYCE

A professional artist and father of three as well, John is the older brother of Martin and also began his art career during his teenage years.  Like Martin, John has been a lifelong professional painter. Unlike his brother though, John has a different style and subject matter and is focused on Plein Air painting. He has owned a gallery in Toronto and is very highly regarded in the traditional landscape and Plein Air circles.

John is a true master of his craft and is very specific in his style of painting.  His focused style has built up his name in his niche, and his work is for the collector who loves eloquent, traditional paintings of nature at its most beautiful.