John Stuart Pryce

Today I wanted to highlight my uncle, John Stuart Pryce, and brother of Martin Pryce.  I think this post will be valuable to readers, as I will list a link to John’s site below.  On his site, you can see his fantastic work, as well as learn about the artist himself.  The most interesting thing about his site though, is his highly regarded newsletter, as well as some youtube instructional videos.

John Stuart Pryce

     Here is a quote from John:

Artist Statement

     “The quest for eloquence in my painting is ongoing. Strong design elements, an appropriately chosen colour palette, spontaneous brush work and underlying luminosity, are key elements that allow me to share with others what I see and feel.”
A playwright once wrote: Without doubt, beauty is to be found everywhere, but it takes an artist to see it and understand it.”

     “My goal: To share with others the beauty that my eyes see, my heart feels, and my soul yearns to understand.”


John Stuart Pryce
John Stuart Pryce – O.S.A. – I.P.A.P.
     As you may have noticed, art is a part of the Pryce family.

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